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Industrial Vending Solutions

Put the industry-leading software and dispensing machine systems of Tiemann Industrial Supply Inc. to work for you. You decide which items each employee can access, and place limits on tool and supply consumptions by employee, departmental budget, department, shift, job, or total dollars by employee. Our St. Louis, Missouri, facility allows you to control and provide access to your tools and supplies 24/7 with 100% accountability by the employee.

Supply Solutions

Advantages of Working With Us

Our system allows you to easily manage inventory of tools and MRO supplies with no limits on what can be dispensed. You'll have absolute control over your inventory, and automatic reorder helps to eliminate costly stock outs. Your inventory is dispensed at its point of use, eliminating walk around time for employees obtaining items. These benefits cut indirect costs by 20% to 40%.

In-Plant Storerooms & Branches

You can simplify your purchasing structure with on-site storerooms provided by Tiemann Industrial, Inc. We handle asset management and elimination of obsolete inventory, and can staff your storeroom 24/7 if necessary. We are capable of paperless PO and invoicing and provide a controlled environment with support and preventative maintenance modules, which allows for vendor reduction, parts standardization, and cost control and reduction.

If you like, you can even eliminate waste and duplicated effort. Our simplified storeroom, Autocrib Intelliport is a secure, unmanned storeroom that dispenses any size item with little to no data entry by using automated scanning and RFID technologies. With this, you check out items based on a unique serial number for each item, and the system can be programmed to require specific items to be returned to the storeroom after use.



Vendor Managed Inventory Solutions

Each item in your storeroom is linked to a barcode, and a Tiemann representative is responsible for maintaining predetermined stock levels for each product bin by scanning items that need to be replenished. This helps you manage point-of-use inventory and free issue cribs. You'll also eliminate purchase orders and reduce the responsibilities of plant and purchasing personnel while eliminating inventory outages and maintaining control. We handle Conex box and trailer setup with inventory management for you.

Kanban Two-Bin Systems

The Kanban System eliminates stock outs. Each item is stocked in two bins, one behind the other. When the stock from the first bin is consumed, the second slides into its place and the empty one is given to the supplier to be refilled.

Consignment Programs

Inventory is kept at the end user's facility. That was, your products are always on hand, and are only billed once consumed. This is a great system to reduce carrying costs. Obsolete item costs are reduced or eliminated.

Integrated Supply

We design and implement a supply program to meet your specific needs on local, regional, or national levels. Our relentless approach to cost savings through product innovation and system improvements ensures lower overall costs while delivering exceptional service as the lone supplier for your facility.

National Supply Programs

Through our national selling organization, SupplyFORCE, all needs can be met on the largest scale. SupplyFORCE is the largest MRO distribution network in North America with more than $19 billion in sales annually, more than 3500 stocking branch locations, multiple commodities, and national prices with a single point of contact. We offer local distribution all over with a single web portal to meet your needs.